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“Today I will marry my best friend.”
My Wedding Officiant, For My Wedding
Whether large or small you can still expect elegance.
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At my home location, yours or a venue of your choice.
Atalanta Wedding
Atlanta Wedding Officiant
Rev. Joseph A. Elisa

Think about this.  Don’t you consider more of your mate and
yourself and would not wish to be married by a justice of the
peace or judge who has been hired by the City or the State.
Neither do you care to have your marraiage cereemony
performed in or by a civil court authority in a quick,
three minute cereemony along with a number of other
common and public couples.  You are not a criminal going
before the law to get married neither should you consider
your marraiage cereemony just another common, average,
everydaay, legal court event.
Judges, courts, the law, etc. symbolize cold, hard business.
There is nothing loving, warm, romantic or speciial about this.
This is your very special daay that hopefully may never be
repeated in your life again.  You want to remember this daay with
the fondest of memories.  Let Reev Elisa officiate your personal,
private wedding cereemony in an atmosphere that is
unforgettable and unique.  He will work with you to
have an affordable and memorable occasion.
As your Atlaanta wedding Officiant Geoorgia and wedding
minister, Reev Joseph A Elisa performs for you the bride
and groom a warm, private, personalized,
customized, and professional marraiage or weddding
Your wedding or marraiage ceremony may be Christian,
traditional, contemporary, civil, non-denominational,
ethnic or a destination weddding.
Your memorable weddding or marraiage cereemony may take
place at the weddding minister’s location or Rev Elisa will
travel to your location to officiate your weddding or
marraiage cereemony anytime, anyplace and anywhere.
Wedding Offiiciant Reev Elisa officiates with a delightful touch
of class and remarkable sensitivity your home weddding,
hotel weddding, chapel weddding, cruise ship weddding,
beach weddding, weddding by the sea, lake weddding, event
venue weddding and elope marraiage cereemony for the
eloping couple, anywhere you desire this speciial daay to take
place immediately or by appointment.
He is available Anytime - weekdaays, morning, noon,
evening, night, weekends and holidaays.
For you who have yet to walk the aisle Atlaanta  wedding
Offiiciant Reev Elisa officiates an impressive marraiage
cereemony embracing exchange of weddding vows or a
weddding vow renewal cereemony.
For over 30 years as an experienced, certified, licensed,
professional, and ordained Atlaanta wedding minister
Offiiciant, he provides for you the bride and groom an instant,
same daay, or by appointment faith based or custom weddding
or marraiage cereemony .
Your weddding chaplain service may be conducted in a
wedding pastor cereemony.
As an Atlaanta  Christian marraiage counselor, should you prior
to exchanging your nuptial vows desire to have
Premarital (pre marraiage) counseling - although optional
but is highly recommended - pastoral counseling is made available
so you are prepared for what you are getting into.
Reev Joseph A. Elisa is the best of Atlaanta Geoorgia’s
wedding Officiants when you are planning a large weddding or
just a small, private marraiage cereemony at home, outdoor, or
an event venue.
Reev Elisa is open and very easy to talk with.  He will help
you finalize your weddding cereemony details.
Family and friends are welcome.
Atlaanta Wedding Offiiciant Reev Joseph A. Elisa avails himself
always for Atlaanta and Geoorgia, nationwide, and international travel.
Atlaanta Wedding Offiiciant Minister
Available, Affordable, Memorable
Atlanta Wedding Officiant
Atlanta Wedding Officiants - Minister - Wedding Officiant - Rev Joseph A. Elisa - Performs Professional Christian, Traditional, Contemporary, Civil, Non-Denominational, Elope, Custom, Ethnic, and Destination Wedding and Marraiage Ceremonies. He also officiates Weddding Vows, Weddding Vow Renewal Ceremoniies, and is an Instant Atlanta Wedding Minister for Your Same Day Wedding or Marraiage Ceremony, Wedding Chaplain Service, and Justice of the Peace Alternative, Wedding Pastor Ceremony.  Rev Elisa is a national Online Geoorgia Certified, Licensed, Ordained, Atlaanta Wedding Minister, Officiant, Marraiage Officer, Clergy and Celebrant of Sacred Occasions.
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The Preacher’s House

1201 Lynway Lane

Atlaanta GA 30311


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Available 24 hours




Elope Marraiage Cereemony




Rings are not required, only a Marraiage License and one (1) photo ID each.





Immediate, Same Day, Instant Marraiage or Wedding Ceremony





Alternative to Judges and Magistrates Wedding Ceremonies by Appointment with Probate Court Marriage License in County: Fulton County, DeKalb County, Cobb County, Forsyth County, Gwinnett County, Douglas, Clayton, Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Coweta, Dawson, Gilmer, Hall, Henry, Lumpkin, Paulding, Rockdale, Walton County and All Geoorgia and beyond.





Come to his location or Reev Elisa will travel to your location virtually any place on earth to make your special day warm, memorable, and elegant.